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Anastasia Strizhkova

I was born in 1982 in Moscow. I started by painting in watercolor and gouache and then moved to acrylic painting on wood. Several years later I began painting in oil. It appeared that oil is my material, as it is alive, fragile, it easily conveys mood. You can create miracles with it!

Once I just collected pictures. I lived in various countries, travelled a lot; I have always loved studying other cultures. And I brought a piece of beauty from everywhere. However, I understood soon that I can create a beautiful thing myself. And then I indulged myself in art, started learning in art studios to be taught by recognized masters.


I lived in the Alps 4 years. If I had not spent among this astonishing nature, I would probably not have begun painting. Here I write from nature mountain landscapes, lakes, rivers, forests. Mountains are my lifelong love. Wind on the tops, bright sun, lush grass, clear water - and I want to share them with everyone!

I have always been interested in some esoteric questions - what is the Soul? What is the true human potential? What is enlightenment? Are there other forms of life? What is life? What … am I? I was looking for the answers to these questions in different places, in meditations, on the ground and even underground, and now I embody it in my paintings.

Recently I came to understand that I have finally found my life's work. I like to create and share beauty. And I have no desire to leave the paintings themselves, their purpose - to please others, to create the mood, decorate the house, give a bit of sun and light! I hope that you will enjoy them too!

Exhibition List:

2018 April Art Show in Marshall Center, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

2017 September Art Fair "ArtExpoSpb 2017", St. Petersburg

2017 April Exhibition as a part of the film festival "Saint Anna", Moscow

2017 April "Verge of reality", Moscow, Russia

2017 April "The Seasons" Moscow, Russia

2016 December  International «Small format» Art Competition and Schow, France

2016 November “Autumn exposition”, Russia

2016 November “Marlerkunststern”, Marl, Germany.

2016 November. Art Basel Miami 2016 Competition – 3rd place

2016 September “Impression”, Moscow, Russia

2016 August.  Solo exhibition, Vincent Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 Juni. Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Water 2016 Show, USA

Member of the international Art Fund.

Press about me


Летний сезон на крыше музея торжественно открыла выставка "Земля. Версия 20.21. Что было после". Анастасия Стрижкова в своей речи отметила важность тематики выставки


Проект "За гранью"

Арт-проект, который повергнет в шок столицу. Художница Анастасия Стрижкова проведёт серию экстремальных пленэров..

Выставка "Земля. Версия 20.21

Artist Anastasia Strizhkova

My interview for Royals magazine, January 2017

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Снимок экрана 2018-11-18 в 17.40.58 копи


MARLER KUNSTSTERN, one of the largest exhibitions of the independent cultural scene in Germany, was open on November, 4. Read more

художник Анастасия Стрижкова, artist Anastasia Strizhkova, interview MarlerKunstStern

Moscow Underground Life

A series of exhibitions in the state exhibition hall "Na Kashirke", Moscow

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artist Anastasia Strizhkova, writer, художник, писатель Анастасия Стрижкова, книги

Royals Magazine jubilee

Article about the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Royals magazine

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artist Anastasia Strizhkova, writer, художник Анастасия Стрижкова
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