My name is Anastasia Strizhkova, I am an artist, writer, owner of the Alpen Gallery.

On my site you can see my artworks and find all the information about exhibitions, presentations, books, as well as just read my articles. Comments and feedback on the blog are welcome.

In the "Gallery" you can buy paintings.


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My contacts:

Tel. +49 174 782 50 45 (Watsapp)

E-mail: strizh@list.ru

My paintings:


Size: 40х40 см

Material: acrylic on canvas, ready to hang up

Polar light

Size: 50х60 см

Material: Oil on canvas, ready to hang up

The way to the light

Size: 50х70 см

Material: Oil on canvas, ready to hang up


Here you will find the schedule of exhibitions with my participation and reports from past exhibitions:

Бесплатный мастер-класс

Как заработать на своем творчестве? На мастер-классе вы узнаете: 

  • С чего начать? Определяем стратегию продаж.

  • Кто клиенты именно ваших работ и где с ними встретиться?

  • Шесть эффективных способов оффлайн-продаж.

  • Где можно продавать картины в интернете кроме соцсетей? 4 способа онлайн-продаж.

  • Можно ли стабильно зарабатывать творчеством?



In May 2019, will be published my first book about personal finance and investment, “Five apartments and a house in the mountains”.


Are you surprised that an artist is writing a book about finance?

In fact, nothing surprising, my first education is economic, almost 10 years of work in the field of finance, 8 years of experience in my own business and personal investments.

The philosophy of this book is that if you competently create a background for yourself in the form of conservative investments, you can do anything you like. Write pictures, blog, travel a lot, etc.

I am currently working on a second book about creativity.


Work process:

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I will be happy to answer all your questions

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